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Faculty Profiles

Melissa Pasquinelli

Nano Research Area

  • Health & Bio-Nanotechnology
  • Nano-Electronics
  • Nano-Textiles

Research Summary

The Pasquinelli research team investigates nanomaterials through molecular simulations.  They create and utilize a variety of molecular simulation tools to (1) calculate functional properties, including electrical, mechanical, biological, biocompatible, and toxicological; and (2) investigate processes, such as self-assembly, molecular recognition, and biological mechanisms.   Current interests include:

  • Development of models that predict the effects of nanotechnology on human health (i.e., nanotoxicology).
  • Investigation of how molecules self-assemble into distinct nanofibers or other nanostructures, including the encapsulation of small molecules for drug delivery vehicles, textile additives, or environmental remediation. 
  • Optimization of the functional properties of nanocomposites and nanobiosensors that are used, for instance, in nanotextiles, tissue engineering, and environmental monitoring.
  • Development of multiscale modeling tools that predict the macroscopic properties of a nanostructured material from its molecular constituents.  

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