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David Berube

Nano Research Area

  • Social & Education Nanoscience

Research Summary

Berube is actively researching both intuitive nanotoxicology under a NIRT grant to explain how the public unpacks and understands technical human toxicological information and risks under conditions of high uncertainty.

His 2008 articles include “Intuitive Toxicology: The Public Perception of Nanoscience,” Nanoethics: Emerging Debates, Allhoff, F. & Lin, P., eds., London: Springer, 2008, “Future of Nano,” Nano-Predictions: Big Thinkers on the Smallest Technology, Burgess, S. & Lin, P., eds., NY: Wiley 2008, “Stakeholder Participation in Nanotechnology Policy Debates” Nanotechnology: Ethics and Society, Bennett, D. ed. London: CRC Press (Taylor & Francis), 2008, “Nanoscience, Water and Society” Nanotechnology Applications: Solutions for Improving Water Quality, D. Jeremiah, ed., NY: William Andrew Publishing, 2008, "Public Acceptance of Nanomedicine: A Personal Perspective", Nanomedicine, J. Baker, ed., NY: Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews, 2008, and “nanotale of opportunities, uncertainties and risks” w Paul Born, Nano Today, 2008.

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