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Faculty Profiles

Anatoli Melechko

Nano Research Area

  • Nano-Energy & Environment
  • Health & Bio-Nanotechnology
  • Nano-Electronics
  • Nano-Materials & Engineering

Research Summary

Dr. Melechko is developing methods of controlled synthesis of carbonnanostructures and their integration into devices with nanoscale functionalelements. He is involved in the development of a wide range of applicationsthat include microfabricated electron field emission sources, scanning probetips, electrochemical probes, cell mimetic structures, nanofluidic arrays,gene delivery arrays. One of his favorite directions is toward creation ofinterface to life systems at the nanoscale. In order to probe or modifyfunctions of individual live cells the dimensions of the probing elementsmust be much smaller than a cell and possibly on same scale as cellularmachinery. Vertically aligned carbon nanofibers (VACNF) satisfy thesedimensionality and biocompatibility requirements and thus hold a greatpromise for breakthroughs in this emerging field of nanobiotechnology.

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