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Faculty Profiles

Laura Clarke

Nano Research Area

  • Health & Bio-Nanotechnology
  • Nano-Characterization
  • Nano-Electronics
  • Nano-Textiles
  • Nano-Materials & Engineering

Research Summary

Dr. Clarke has two primary thrusts to her research, both of which involve sensitive electric and optical measurements of nanostructured materials.  The first focus area is development/characterization of electrically-conducting fibrous materials for use in biomedical applications, particularly for electrical stimulation of cells and tissues.  The second focus is on observing phase transitions, rotational motion, and controlling molecular orientation within self-assembled monolayers.  Understanding these fundamental monolayer properties could enable diverse applications ranging from drug delivery (mediated by the phase of the monolayer) to molecular memories/spectrum analyzers, which take advantage of the disorder in short chain self-assembled systems.

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