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Martin Hubbe

Nano Research Area

  • Nano-Energy & Environment
  • Nano-Materials & Engineering

Research Summary

My research concerns the colloidal interactions of cellulosic materials, with an emphasis on electrokinetic phenomena, adsorption, flocculation, development of adhesive bonding, and interactions involving polyelectrolytes.  Recent published work has concerned the mesoporous nature of the type of cellulosic fibers that are most commonly used for the manufacture of paper.  Such pores hold the key to understanding not only the electrokinetic effects (streaming potential), but also the factors that impede the release of water from fibers and the rates with which various polyelectrolytes can permeate into the cell walls of wetted pulp fibers.  My research group also has studied the interactions of aluminosilicate nanoparticles with cellulosic fibers in the presence of cationic polyelectrolytes.

Together with Dr. Lucian Lucia, I co-edit a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes many articles related to the nanotechnology of lignocellulosic materials. Published articles, as well as instructions for potential authors are at BioResources

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