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David Lalush

Nano Research Area

  • Health & Bio-Nanotechnology

Research Summary

Our research focuses on biomedical imaging using X-ray and gamma-ray techniques, including several projects that exploit emerging nanostructured materials.  Through a collaboration with scientists at UNC – Chapel Hill, several projects involve the simulation, design, and optimization of multi-beam X-ray sources using carbon nanotubes as the basis for cold-cathode X-ray sources.  These new devices have applications in mammography, radiation therapy, and small-animal imaging.  Other research involves the development of energy-sensitive X-ray imaging methods to improve sensitivity and image quality for targeted, nanostructured metallic contrast agents, as well as to exploit the possibility of imaging multiple contrast agents simultaneously.  Finally, we provide PET and SPECT imaging support to colleagues developing targeted radiolabeled nanostructures for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

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