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10/21/15 - Using lasers to print in four dimensions

10/12/15 - Dielectric film with properties close to air for photonic devices

10/07/15 - Researchers work on new techniques for creating high-temperature alloys

10/05/15 - Call for applications is open for 2016 "Nanoparticles for Medicine" seminar in France

10/01/15 - Joseph DeSimone receives $250K Kabiller Prize in Nanoscience and Nanomedicine

09/30/15 - Researchers create first entropy-stabilized complex oxide alloys

09/29/15 - Researchers disguise drugs as platelets to target cancer

09/16/15 - NSF-funded Research Triangle Nanotechnology Network to help businesses, educators pursue nanotechnology innovation

08/15/15 - Dr. Zhen Gu named to Tech Review’s Top Innovators Under 35

08/11/15 - Elastic drug delivery technology releases drugs when stretched

08/05/15 - Sandcastles inspire new nanoparticle binding technique

07/22/15 - Magnetic field enhancement boosts wireless power transfer

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Upcoming Events

March 2016 - "Nanoparticles for Medicine" seminar in France. This event is sponsored by the Office for Science and Technology of the Embassy of France in the US. The two-day seminar will be held in France, with a three-day field experience following the seminar. There are 10 scholarships available for US students to participate; the call for candidates is from 10/5/15 to 11/2/15.

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Nanotech Reports & Presentations

The NC State Nanotechnology Initiative releases its FY 09-10 Annual Report (pdf) (July 1, 2010). This report highlights the NC State Nano Initiative's efforts in FY 09-10 to foster nanotechnology research, education, and industry outreach activities at the university and in the community.

"Investing in the South’s Nanotech Future" by the NC Dept. of Commerce's Office of Science & Technology (pdf) (July 7, 2010). Drs. John Hardin and Sharlini Sankaran of the NC Dept. of Commerce's Office of Science & Technology published this nanotechnology policy piece through the Southern Growth Policies Board, a non-partisan public policy think tank based in Research Triangle Park that is dedicated to strengthening the South’s economy and creating the highest possible quality of life.

"Recommendations on the Environmentally Responsible Development of Nanotechnology" from the Research Triangle Environmental Health Collaborative (July 1, 2010). The 2009 Summit on Environmentally Responsible Development of Nanotechnology identified critical issues in nano-enabled product development and manufacturing and explored the nanomanufacturing landscape so businesses can overcome barriers to success related to environmental/occupational health concerns. The summit's outcome is a guidance document that highlights these critical issues and provides business and policymakers with recommendations about how to successfully address them.

Emerging Technologies: Trust and Risk. Presentation by Dr. David Berube, NC State Research Professor of Science Communication and Director of the NCSU Public Communication of Science and Technology Project, to the Science, Expertise, and Ethics in Democracy CCI Interdisciplinary Panel at UNC-Greensboro on March 19, 2009. More of the NCSU Nanotoxicology Interdisciplinary Research Team's recent presentations can be accessed here, and the team's large collection of streamed videos can be accessed here.

Nanotechnology: Think Small and Look into the Future… Presentation by Dr. Gregory N. Parsons, NC State Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Director of the NC State Nanotechnology Initiative, to the Sanford Rotary Club on March 17, 2009.


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