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2011 Events

11/18/11 - Joint symposium between the North Carolina Section of the Materials Research Society & Carolinas Central Chapter of ASM International. The meeting will be held on Friday, November 18, 2011 at the Engineering Building 1 on the Centennial Campus of NC State University. The meeting is expected to draw 80-90 participants, both locally and from the surrounding region. Topics ranging from materials synthesis, processing, characterization, biomaterials and modeling will be presented by both invited and selected student contributions. Contact Roberto for more information.

11/15/11 - Science Cafe: You can't see this - Nanotechnology: This free event will be led by Dr. Jesse Jur, Assistant Professor of Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science at NC State’s College of Textiles. Time: 6:30-8:30 pm, with discussion beginning at 7 pm followed by Q & A. Location: Tir Na Nog, 218 South Blount Street, Raleigh. Phone: 919-833-7795. Four more orders of magnitude down from a millimeter is 1000 nm (1 micrometer)….the ‘start’ of nanotechnology.  Since Richard Feynman’s 1959 visionary talk “There’s plenty of Room at the Bottom,” technologists have dedicated themselves to exploring the frontiers of scaling down to the nano.  As if achieving such a feat wasn’t challenging enough, the physics of materials now begin to change in this realm.  But its all worth the frustration (and price): better computing, protective textiles, and revolutionary medical delivery methods.   There is no doubt that our world has changed and will continue to change because of new advancements in nanotechnology.  In this discussion we will explore nanotechnology and consider where it is going.

08/28/11 - 08/31/11- Commercialization of Micro-Nano Systems Conference, Greensboro, NC. The 16th annual COMS Conference will be held at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro, NC from August 29 to 31, 2011. COMS brings together leaders from all over the world and every sector of industry, all sharing, learning and creating partnerships in an open interactive setting. This is a powerful environment focused on accelerating commercialization activity among established and emerging micro and nano businesses. COMS focuses primarily on solutions, not just science and technology. It is a hands-on, practical meeting to assist you in bringing your products to market. COMS will provide you with the latest information on technology transfer, manufacturing processes, facilities, infrastructure, investment, applications and markets, as well as covering regulatory issues, social implications, education and workforce development.

07/14/11 - NanoBio Executive Roundtable Series: "Risk vs Reward: Financing Early-Stage, Emerging Technologies." Registration begins at 5 pm; the event is from 5:30 to 7:30 pm; location TBA. COIN invites our entire nanobio community to join us. The "Valley of Death" is critical funding gap common in many industries. COIN, on behalf of our members, will host a dialogue with several seasoned investors and entrepreneurs to provide a better understanding from the investor's perspective the balance that is struck between risk and reward when making funding decisions for early-stage technologies. Because nanobiotechnology is an emerging field where many technologies are platform technologies with applications across mutliple industries, there are unique challenges and opportunities. Featured speakers include Andrew Dreyfuss, Fund Executive for the Piedmont Angel Network, and Scott Albert, Venture Partner for Aurora Funds.

06/02/11 - Dr. Joël Chevrier, Physics Professor at University Joseph Fourier, presents "Teenagers and Nanotechnologies," Raleigh, NC. This Brown Bag Seminar will be held at 10 a.m. (bagels and coffee available at 9:30 a.m.) at the Friday Institute on NC State's Centennial Campus, upstairs in BB&T Conference Room 109. Please join us and feel free to bring along colleagues and students. Dr. Chevrier will discuss a special partnership between Grenoble Universities (Université Joseph Fourier and Institut polytechnique de Grenoble), the Centre for Innovation in Micro and Nanotechnology (MINATEC), and Education Nationale to provide nanotechnology educational experiences to students.  This new program features student access to a special Nanomonde room equipped with optical microscopes, micromanipulators, a scanning transmission microscope (STM), two Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) and several haptic interfaces. We want to help students in the discovery of objects at different scales (dust, CD/DVD/Bluray, cheese mites, pixels on screen, droplets, pollen,... down to graphite atomic structure) and of different interactions involved such as loss of gravity, water surface tension below capillary length, various consequences of electrostatic interaction up to the van der Waals interaction. We want to introduce students to interactions and forces at different scales.

05/17/11 - NanoBio Executive Roundtable Series: Nanomedicines & the Regulatory Path, RTP, NC

05/05/11 - Nanoindentation Seminar & Practical Demonstration, Raleigh, NC

05/03/11 - Sustainable Solar Energy Workshop, Raleigh, NC

04/29/11 - NC State NanoDays 2011, Raleigh, NC

03/29/11-03/30/11 - North Carolina Nanotechnology Commercialization Conference (NCNCC). The third annual NCNCC  will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina. 


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