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NC State scientists regularly partner with industry to turn their research inventions into commercial successes.  Central to the university's mission as a land-grant institution is that our research benefits the people of North Carolina.  NC State's commercialization efforts continue to have a direct impact on the state's economic development, transforming technological discoveries into products of value for residents and creating new companies and jobs.

Nanotechnology Industry Advisory Board

To enhance partnerships with industry, the university is in the planning stage to build a Nanotechnology Industry Advisory Board.

If you would like to learn more about how your company can collaborate with NC State on nanotechnology R&D projects, or to learn more about the Advisory Board, email us at

Nano Commercialization Resources

Centennial Campus is one of the premier research and technology parks in the nation.  The 1,334-acre site, next to NC State's north campus, houses an interactive community of more than 100 companies, government agencies, and NC State units.

Industrial Extension Service (IES), an arm of NC State, is a leader and change agent for the sustainability and advancement of North Carolina industry.  Through process improvement solutions, IES works with NC industries to help them reach their full economic potential.

NC State's NSF Partnership for Innovation program, spearheaded by the Center for Innovation Management Studies at the College of Management, aims to better manage the knowledge explosion taking place within nanoscience research & development.

The Office of Technology Transfer at NC State protects the university's intellectual property while promoting the transfer of academic discovery to industry for public benefit and economic development.

Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (TEC), part of NC State's College of Management, educates business and technical graduate students in technology entrepreneurship and commercialization and consults on these topics with companies and universities.

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