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Welcome. We hope that you find this website informative, useful, and interesting. Although it is not possible to post everything everyone wants to know about our services, programs, and immigration information, it is our hope that the most commonly sought after information can be found easily here. The OIS website has undergone numerous changes throughout the years and many people have contributed to its content, style, and format. We are dedicated to continuing the improvement of our services and dissemination of information and we welcome your comments and feedback about this website. If you encounter errors, missing pages, broken links, outdated information, or confusing narratives, please report those to OIS webmaster. 

The website of a university’s international office is great for certain types of information, but it is not a substitute for good immigration advice. This is why OIS advisors will often ask that students and scholars make an appointment to discuss questions and circumstances in detail. There are usually numerous possible options for students and scholars who are considering changes to their program and a static website just cannot provide a recommendation based on synthesizing different types of information. On the other hand, a lot of information is posted here and students and scholars are strongly requested to review the pertinent pages on this site and/or use the OIS HelpDesk before emailing or calling an OIS advisor – particularly if it is very general and immediately available online.

Disclaimer: Given the ever changing and complex nature of immigration regulations, please check with an OIS Advisor or a qualified immigration attorney if you have any questions regarding the information contained on this website or before you take any action. The information contained here is subject to error and should not be construed as legal advice. OIS advisors and the University remind the users of this website that any actions taken (or lack thereof) in response to information contained here remains the responsibility of the reader. This site may contain information regarding policies, regulations and rules (PRRs) of NC State University. To the extent of any conflict between the information on this site and the actual policy, regulation, or rule, the actual policy, rule, or regulation supercedes the information contained here. NC State University policies, regulations and rules can be found at the PRR Web Site. Federal immigration regulations, forms, fees, and related laws can be found at 

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