Office of International Services

Research Scholars

NC State University is well-known for its research facilities, nationally recognized programs, and world renowned faculty. We have one of the largest research expenditures and highest number of patents of all the public research universities in the US. International researchers are both welcomed and supported at NC State – we value the diversity, hard work, and creative knowledge building our international research scholars bring to our community.

Visiting researchers, international faculty on sabbatical, and post-docs must be invited by an academic or research unit on campus before the appropriate position title and any immigration decisions (such as which visa may be best) are made. The host department will work with OIS (in the case of J-1 visas) or the International Employment Office in Human Resources (for H-1B, TN, or permanent visas) to obtain the visa paperwork and will afterwards enter the appointment into the University’s Human Resources system.  Incoming scholars in "Postdoc" positions can find great assistance from the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.


It is essential that visiting scholars check in with OIS upon arrival and that they understand their rights and responsibilities with regard to immigration regulations, departmental policies, and safety standards. Life is not restricted to the lab, however. Your new life in Raleigh will be full of new social and cultural opportunities. Scholars are welcome to participate in campus lectures and movies, athletic clubs or sports, or any of the cultural programs sponsored by OIS.

OIA Luncheon for Visiting Scholars

NC State Visiting Scholars at OIA Hosted Luncheon for Visiting Scholars, January 2013